Making Peaceful Feeding A Habit For Your Baby

Making Peaceful Feeding A Habit For Your Baby

For newborns like your little one, the initial diet for 6 months is mother’s milk that they depend on. So it is very important to feed your baby with mother’s milk as and when demanded by the baby. Also, the environment and you as well should be at peace to let your baby feel comfortable and fill up his stomach for a longer time.

1. First of all, sit comfortably and then position yourself for the feed. Then take your baby in your lap and let him feel comfortable in a certain position for the feed.

2. Keep the environment pleasant and comfortable for your baby while feeding him. There should not be any distraction of either the TV or mobile or any other sound when you are nursing your baby.

3. Once the baby is comfortable then he will latch comfortably and drink the milk till he gets satisfied.

4. This gives a satisfaction to you and your baby and this habit is good for a long run when it comes to both of you.

5. You can also sing a sweet song in a low tone to your baby while feeding so that he feels soothing and remains happy too.