Making Your Baby Familiar With New Environment

Making Your Baby Familiar With New Environment
2m to 5m

Infants like your little one are constantly seeking comfort, which means that they always need familiar environment and surroundings to feel comfortable. Taking your baby regularly for strolls and bringing him amidst your family members are ways to familiarise him with his daily surroundings. But what should you do when you have to travel to a different place and take your baby along? Following are some tips that will make it a little easy for you to let the baby adjust and become familiar with new environment:

1. Take your baby’s toys, books, mobile or blankets along so he feels the comfort of the things that he sees everyday and is familiar with.

2. When you take your baby to a new place, make sure that at least one of you, dad or mom, is going with him. If baby spends more time with dad than mom, then make sure dad is there when baby goes to the new place. Try not to introduce new people and a new place at the same time without you being there.

3. Listen to what your baby is trying to tell. If you sense even slightest discomfort or fear of stranger, comfort your baby and don’t hand him over to that person.

4. If your baby seems uncomfortable in one room, try to change his sleeping direction in that room or change his room. If the baby still seems cranky, then be with him and soothe him. Don’t leave him crying.

5. Try to keep your baby’s sleeping and eating pattern fixed. Shuffling his pattern might disturb him and unsettle him.