Making Your Baby More Aware Of Society

Making Your Baby More Aware Of Society
  • Take your baby for a drive in a closed car, so that they are protected from the outside air and pollution while enjoying new sights and sounds.
  • Expose your baby to new faces and situations, but never force them to accept someone new. If your baby is the shy type, she will take a little more time than another baby to become comfortable with new situations, so never compare – give your angel as much time as she needs.
  • A few months old baby is just getting acquainted with the new world and may or may not be intrigued by every new visitor that she meets. Allow her time to get acquainted with the new faces at her own pace instead of imposing these new visitors on her unwillingly. With time the baby will eventually learn to accept these new faces and get friendly with them.
  • Also, give your baby a good exposure to nature by letting her see lush green trees, the blue sky and people around, just to get the idea that there exists many things in this world and society.