Making Your Baby Use Both Hands

Making Your Baby Use Both Hands
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  • You as a parent must make sure that your baby uses both his hands to perform activities. If this is not followed then it might weaken the less used hand of your baby. Place the baby in between and keep objects on both his sides. Let him use his left as well as right hand to hold these objects.
  • Hang a small mobile in his crib. This will intrigue his mind and he will try to grab it. This will also help increase his hand eye coordination. Make sure to remove it once the child is actually able to grab it.
  • Soft textured books with brightly coloured pictures will intrigue him to touch and feel it. This will encourage him to use both his hands to explore these objects. Practice makes one perfect and since your baby is too little, you need to work encouragingly to make sure he uses both his ends properly by repeating the aforementioned ways daily, till you see him picking up.