Meet Your Doctor For Vaccination Regularly

Meet Your Doctor For Vaccination Regularly
Health & Hygiene

Your happy toddler is now strong and healthy. But it is important that she stays that way. Remember his/her immune system is developing, so your little one is prone to diseases and infections. Take out your baby’s vaccine chart and check if you are up to date with your schedule. Meet your doctor often as well.

Regular vaccination and check up with the doctor is essential for your baby’s good health. The best time to immunize your child is when he is healthy, since experts advice that vaccination shots should be given to the little ones only they are fine health wise and don't have any cold or fever whatsoever. 

  • On the day of vaccination, please carry your child’s file and vaccination chart with you.
  • If you have any concerns, please write it down so that you can ask the doctor during the visit.
  • In case your child has any allergy, mention it to the doctor before vaccination. You can also write it in the child’s file so that everything is in one place. 
  • Carry your child’s favourite toy or blanket. As soon as the shot is given, try to distract him with his favourite toy or by rocking him, singing to him.
  • In case he has missed the vaccination dose, take the next appointment at the earliest to avoid any complications.