Moisturizing Your Baby's Skin

Moisturizing Your Baby's Skin
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The moment your baby takes birth, the natural environment and the air treats him equally as that of an adult and your baby loses five times more moisture than an adult skin does. The best way to keep your baby’s skin soft is to massage the baby with tender coconut oil or mustard oil and in winters, use olive oil before bathing and putting a moisturizing lotion afterwards. Often you see you infant’s skin peeling off from their tiny hands or feet. These are normally the most susceptible places for the external weather impact. No need to worry. It is a natural process as the baby gets acclimatized to the new weather outside the moisture of his previous home. Massaging with tender virgin oils can help retain the moisture in your little darling's skin. 

Make sure not to use any of the regular products which are used by adults on a daily basis. Always go for mild products specifically meant for infants' skincare. Stick to natural ingredients like virgin coconut or olive oils, as far as possible. This will not only moisturise the skin of your cutie but will also strengthen his bones.