Never Lose Your Temper Or Raise Your Voice

Never Lose Your Temper Or Raise Your Voice
  • Your one year old demands most of your time and attention. This can cause stress and may make you lose your cool. You may even shout at your baby to vent out your feelings. This can be harmful to your child as you are passing the  anxiety to him and he may avoid  eye contact with you or start crying. Shouting can affect his brain and hurt his ears. 
  • In case you have yelled at him, just pick him up and cuddle him. Your touch and the assurance in your voice to make him feel better will make him okay.  
  • Try handling stress better. If you have to take care of the baby, first your well being is crucial. Eat well, nap when the baby naps, keep yourself hydrated and go for exercise. Have your me time as well.  Ask for help from spouse or other family members.  
  • Your child is happy if his routine is in place (food, play, nap time, etc.). Try not to disrupt his routine as far as possible and he will be fine.