Next Step Towards Gross Motor Skills

Next Step Towards Gross Motor Skills
Gross motor
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Holding heavier objects is the next step towards fining your infant's gross motor skills. 

Allow your little one to hold his milk bottle while feeding. Practice it often and in no time he will master it. Be there for his support. Once the infants start using their hands trying to grab objects in close vicinity, they must be encouraged to try and hold things for a while before letting them fall. Hang objects from their crib that are close enough for them to try and grab after some efforts. This will not only keep them distracted but will also help develop their hand eye coordination and potential to hold things steadier. Gradually, introduce your little one to slightly heavier objects. Be alert at all times to ensure he does not take them in his mouth. Infants have a tendency to put everything in their mouth and that's something you need to be careful about all the time at this stage.