Offer A Range Of Healthy Foods To Your Baby

Offer A Range Of Healthy Foods To Your Baby
Health & Nutrition

Your little one has a little tummy. Hence, eating right becomes even more important in order to get the right nutrition for her as that's an integral part of her development. 

  • Milk has to be part of her diet. Also, include fruits and vegetables and cereals. The texture, taste, colour plays an important role especially while she explores new foods. 
  • Avoid excessively spiced, buttered, oily, sweetened foods. 
  • Following the 3 meals and 2 snacks routine may not be possible everytime as her eating habits are erratic and unpredictable. She may like one food a week and refuse the same food next week. Hence, make a range of wholesome foods available throughout the week. 
  • If your cutiepie does not want to eat, just take the plate away. She will eat when she is hungry. Don’t make it a battle for both of you.