Parental Love For Your Growing Baby

Parental Love For Your Growing Baby
9m to 1y
  • Love and bond with your baby in many ways and keep the optimism intact. It’s a great bonding experience and you will cherish the memories for the rest of your life.
  • Play with your child. Be it building blocks, playing with ball, making faces, etc. Both of you will have immense fun.
  • Talk often to your child. Even if your child has just started saying the basic words, he loves to hear your voice and see the smile and expressions. 
  • Give your cutie pie undivided attention. Prioritize your work and delegate the rest. This way you will have the time and energy to spend with your child. 
  • Read books to your little one. Besides, setting the foundation of reading early on in his life, as you talk and observe his reactions while reading the book, it’s a delight in itself and will also boost his speech and language development properly as he grows up. 
  • Also, teach him more about situations, for instance, teach him the good-bye symbols making him understand that you need to leave. Similarly, kiss and cuddle him often to show your affection. Build a confident baby and guide him on the right pathway with all the parental love.