Planning Ahead Will Result In A Relaxed Party

Planning Ahead Will Result In A Relaxed Party

When organizing a party, plan ahead so that you are not stressed out at the last moment.

  • Make sure you have a change of clothes handy both for you as well as your baby, since spitting up and drooling can be expected.
  • Send invites for the party well in advance. Through invites you can also ask for a confirmation on who all will attend the party. One or two days before the party, you can call and give a gentle reminder to the invitees too. This way you will have a better control on how many guests and children will  attend and can give the order for food, cake, return gifts accordingly. 
  • Decide on a budget and stick to it. Be it from the number of invitees, cake, food, return gifts, entertainment to decorations, ensure all is worked out in a spreadsheet well ahead of time and have control on the spending. 
  • If the party is at home, store away breakable decorations. You can shift sofa and other furniture in the living room to create space for the guests and little kids and rent out sturdy plastic party furniture.
  • Try to have your maid stay back for some more time on the party day for assistance.
  • Keep spare diapers, wet wipes, hand towels and extra dress easily accessible.