Play Different Sounds For Your Baby And See What They Like Best

Play Different Sounds For  Your Baby And See What They Like Best

At this age, you can introduce your baby to quite a few different varieties of sounds. This is quite important because it will give you an overview of her hearing abilities. It is also a way to keep her engaged for a little while.

1. The most important thing here is her response to the sound. As you introduce her to a few different sounds, observe her reaction to each one of them with a keen eye such that you can tell if she likes the sound or not and also, if she is scared of a few sounds. This will help you understand what you can make her listen.

2. You can get a really good insight into her hearing by playing a sound around her. You can tell she has a really good hearing when she turns or even looks towards the direction at which the sound is coming from.

3. Familiarize her with your voice as well. This will help strengthen the bond between you and your baby. Talk to her just so she hears your voice every now and then. Sing to her as much as possible.

4. Play sounds that she hears on a regular basis. The doorbell, cell phone ringing, the sound made by a washing machine, etc. Do not play any sound loudly because at this age, your baby's hearing is very sensitive and it can really startle her if you play loud sounds.

5. You can also introduce a few musical instruments just to add a mix into the routine.