Pointers to Remember When Handling a Premature Baby

Pointers to Remember When Handling a Premature Baby
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  • In case you had a premature baby, the little one at this point needs extra care because of her early arrival into this big big world. Handling a premature baby can be tricky. Bring a lot of positivity in your attitude and you will sail through rather seamlessly. Have your facts right, know where to look and keep your doctor within reach. Understand that your baby will grow up like all others but in a slightly different time frame. 
  • It is very common for parents of premature baby to have inhibitions about the health of the baby. It is very important for the parents to firstly be confident and positive about their child’s well being. Secondly in situations such as this, knowledge is power. It is always best to educate yourself on the dos and don’ts as parents of a premature baby.
  • How to keep him calm, what temperature to maintain, the level of hygiene to be practiced and who all can be permitted in the baby’s vicinity till he reaches a certain age, are all important factors that you as a parent must acquaint yourself with. A little vigilance, care and constant consultation with the paediatrician are sufficient to help sail through this situation without many bumps.
  • Today science has progressed enough to help provide the similar environment to the baby as that of his mother’s womb. However, being premature, even after crossing the chief barrier of initial months, the baby will be comparatively more susceptible to infections over other kids. It will take slightly longer to build his immunity but that is nothing to worry about.