Possible Causes Of Rashes In Your Baby

Possible Causes Of Rashes In Your Baby
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  • Your baby is quite a fragile little thing at this stage, and naturaly, his skin is prone to rashes. Depending on the type of rashes and the place where they occur, you could figure out what type of rash it is. Rashes can occur due to baby acne, allergies, eczema, hand-foot and mouth disease, insect bites, hives, jaundice. 
  • Sometimes even the smallest things like tight ill-fitting clothes and heat can cause rashes in your baby. The infant’s skin is very sensitive and therefore highly prone to infections. The mildest of rub can lead to nasty rashes. You as a parent must take excessive care in ensuring that your infant’s skin is not exposed to any such thing that can harm it.
  • The clothes that the infant wears must be of a soft texture and not very tight, so as to ensure that the baby does not develop any rashes due to the friction caused between clothes and the skin. Also keep a close eye on his health during the first few months.
  • The varying temperature outside can lead to issues like common cold or other such infections that an infant is prone to. Rashes are common symptoms or outcomes of such infections. Keep his crib clean to ensure there are no insects. A baby is not in a state to express what ails him except by crying. Before we can decode why he is crying a lot may happen. It is best to avoid this situation by being extra vigilant and take immediate action in case a doctor’s help is required.