Prevent Bumps And Falls In Your Baby

Prevent Bumps And Falls In Your Baby
  • Ensuring that your baby doesn't bump and fall is indispensable. Even though you can't prevent it completely, you can at least try to prevent it to an extent. Be careful with furniture and avoid putting rugs. Also, keep the floor clean as much as possible.
  • When the babies start to crawl, they are curious to visit just about every nook and corner of the house. Though their sense of direction and danger assessment have not yet developed so there is always a chance that they may end up bumping into something or the other.
  • While you can try and child proof your house, still there is much that you cannot cover. In such situations it is advisable to keep an eye out when your baby sets out to explore the brave new world of dining room and living room floors. In case despite your supervision your little one does manage to bump his head against something, do not panic.
  • As parents we tend to over worry and presume our kids to be extremely delicate, but despite their tender age, their tiny heads can take more bumps than we realise. So relax and allow them a certain amount of freedom in their explorations.