Prop Your Baby Upto A Sitting Position With Care

Prop Your Baby Upto A Sitting Position With Care
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It is important for your little one to support his head on himself. This is the primary step your baby takes to balance properly. If your baby is not immature, you can set up some pillows and prop your baby into a sitting position. Although keep holding your baby’s neck gently when he is sitting. This must be done with lots of care as your baby’s neck is not entirely strong enough to support the weight of his head.

While handling an infant we are advised to hold them from the head. That is because they are still too young to hold themselves together. As the young one grows he gradually gets acquainted with his own body parts such as hands and feet. Once the baby is a few months older you can try to make him sit. But during the initial days do it with extreme care and caution. Try it on the bed first with enough cushions around and your hand supporting the neck at all times. Once your child gets used to sitting with the support of a pillow, gradually progress to seating him with his own support. This helps him develop balance.