Provide Exposure To A Wide Range Of Stimuli

Provide Exposure To A Wide Range Of Stimuli
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This period is a crucial time in your baby’s development, so ensure that you provide your baby with exposure to a variety of things. Give her access to different kinds of toys; let her hear music and songs; keep talking and reading to her; take her out and let her see new people and sights. The only world newborns have seen so far is the warmth of their mother’s womb. The world outside is an entirely new place for them. Everything and everyone is a subject of curiosity. Allow them to meet and see new things. Let your sweet angel sit on the floor every now and then and crawl about.

Let her move about in the parks and introduce her to yours or your neighbour’s pets. It helps in developing their immunity. Rather than keeping them completely safe from dirt, let the little one get dirty at times so as to make them immune to it. And while that happens, don't forget to capture that beautiful and priceless moment in your camera! These beautiful memories later will make this journey all the more worthwhile for you.