Providing Relief To Sore Gums

Providing Relief To Sore Gums
Baby Care

It is time for your baby’s teeth to start appearing. This could potentially be an uncomfortable time for the little one, so you need to provide relief and proper care. As the gums tingle a lot, your baby will want to gnaw on something, so you can provide him with a variety of teethers or even a clean washcloth.

Refrigerate the teethers or chewing cloth that you give your baby. The coolness will reduce the sensitivity of his sore gums and greatly soothe them. Be sure to wash and sterilize them after every use. Wash and disinfect all his toys every day, as he is sure to chew on them at some point.

Your little one will not discriminate between teethers and other objects, and will be tempted to put anything he sees in his mouth at this time. So keep a close eye on him, and keep him away from any hazardous objects.