Quick Hacks To Ease Your Baby's Constipation

Quick Hacks To Ease Your Baby's Constipation
9m to 1y
Health & Hygiene

1. Check the new food that you have introduced recently. It might happen that you child is constipating because of some food that he has taken to recently.

2. Check the formula milk. Formula milk if doesn't suit your baby will cause constipation. In that case, you may have to change the product.

3. Add peaces and prune juice in the diet. This helps in easing up constipation to a great extent.

4. Increase fluid intake. When you baby takes solid food, equal amount of fluid is important. Make sure you beef up the fluid intake to ease up constipation.

5. Lastly, you can use glycerin suppository for temporary relief. This can ease up his discomfort. However, talk to your doctor to know the exact dosage for your child.