Quick Tip To Boost Your Child's Thinking Skills

Quick Tip To Boost Your Child's Thinking Skills
Identifying Pattern

At this point, your child is slowly becoming more able as an individual to differentiate between patterns. He will be able to stack his own toys in the coming days. Use this to the benefit to boost your kiddo's thinking skills.

  • Give him a pile of clothes, say one black and one white and usher him to stack two piles based on their colors separately. You can give a demonstration first for him to start and then he will follow you. This way his thinking skills will broaden and he will be able to differentiate between patterns better!
  • A simple and wonderful way to teach your little one problem solving skills and about different sizes is playing the Nesting Game. Use varied sizes of bowls, cups or toys and teach him how one can fit inside each other. Once you show him, encourage him do the same. 
  • Working on wooden puzzles will teach him to think and solve the problem at hand. Invest in puzzles with colourful shapes or pictures. As he solves one, clap and cheer for your little one, since it would boost his morale.
  • Building blocks game helps your child understand how patterns work. Show him simple structural block patterns using 2 or 3 blocks in a row. Let him copy the pattern. Let him explore how he can make more such patterns.  
  • Reading for about 20 minutes, reciting nursery rhymes and listening to music together will also enhance his cognitive abilities. So definitely try these things out!