Quick Tip To Help Your Baby Enhance Her Speech

Quick Tip To Help Your Baby Enhance Her Speech

When your little one starts combining two words, he may say something like, 'Baby cry' or 'Mama cooks,' take this opportunity to add in the missing words to make it a grammatically correct sentence. You could say, 'The baby is crying' or 'Mommy is cooking.' When you are with your baby talk about what you are doing, seeing, eating, touching or listening to. Try to keep it short, simple and fun. For example, 'I am washing the dishes and drying them.' Narrating what you are doing simply gives your baby exposure to language and helps your child understand that talking is fun and functional. 

In fact, in growing years too, for your child's language skills to strengthen, conversation is the key. You must always keep the conversation going time to time, both in your mother tongue and any other language to help your child excel in both.