Quick Tip to Understand Your Baby's Sleeping Patterns

Quick Tip to Understand Your Baby's Sleeping Patterns
Baby Care

Welcome to the world of new sleep patterns of your baby. By this age, your baby's sleep will become a lot more like ours as adults and fit in well with your family life. Mostly babies sleep 15 to 16 hours throughout the day including night. As your little one grows, he will sleep for longer periods in night and shorter in daytime. The fact with newborn babies’ sleep is that they fall asleep when they're ready and wake up when they're hungry, wet, or upset or because of some other normal cue, but as the growth spurts, this is the time when baby’s sleep habits are really becoming important and he requires sleep training. Keep in mind that every baby is different and have unique developmental schedule, so he may not accept your sleep training and schedule.

1. Set a bedtime routine for your baby. Give him a massage and bath. Getting him changed for bed, read out a bedtime story for him. Be consistent in your approach to make him sleep daily on time

2. Wake him up in morning on time to set a routine. This will allow him to follow a regular sleep pattern.

3. Get him engaged in play in evening. The naps during evening leads your child to be active in night. Avoid it.

4. Most babies of 4-6 months age are capable of sleeping for hours at a stretch at night. But many others still wake up more than once in night for feed. Don’t worry if he is one of them. Soon, he will be adjusted to long hours sleep in night.