Quick Tips On Your Baby’s Eye Care

Quick Tips On Your Baby’s Eye Care
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Your baby needs plenty of care at this age as she is very fragile and prone to infections. Taking care of your baby’s eyes is really important at this stage as it is quite easy to develop an infection.

Here are a few ways to you can take care of her beautiful eyes:

1. Make sure to wash your hands before you begin to clean your little one’s eyes. Ensure the soap is washed off completely. Take a soft washcloth and dip it in lukewarm water to wet it slightly. Next, squeeze it well to drain any excess water.

2. Sing a song or talk to your little one to grab her attention. Make sure she faces you as you attempt to clean her eyes with the washcloth. Start with the corners of her eyes and wipe horizontally with very minimum pressure.

3. Let your child’s eyes get plenty of exercise. You can help by grabbing her attention using colorful objects. Move them around horizontally and then vertically. Do not worry if she does not respond at the first attempt as her attention span is very less at this age.

4. Let your baby get some outdoor time as the color green helps relax her tiny eyes and eliminates fatigue. Allow her to take a look at the greenery around your house from a distance.

5. Do not let your child spend too much time in front of bright objects like a phone or television. This will strain her eyes way too much.

6. Make sure your baby gets plenty of sleep. This will help rest her eyes and restore energy in them.