Quick Tips To Deal With Challenges Of Breastfeeding Twins/Multiple Babies

Quick Tips To Deal With Challenges Of Breastfeeding Twins/Multiple Babies
Baby Care
  • Your little one at this stage quite tests your patience, isn't it? When it comes to breastfeeding, handling two babies are difficult, but you have to be patient with yourself and your babies. You should give yourself time to figure out how to make breastfeeding work for you and your newly expanded family. Do not try to breastfeed them together, you must wait until you are sure at-least one of them is well-fed and then take the other baby.
  • Until your twins get the level of skill, it is better to nurse one at a time. Your newborn is still trying to get a grip on her surroundings. For her it is a drastic shift from where she was for all of her nine months to where she is now. Her lifestyle for the longest of time mostly consisted of sleeping and getting up only to feed and excrete.
  • For a while she will be following the same pattern in the outside world too, until she adapts to it. So you must understand that you cannot regulate your infant’s sleeping habits. What you can do is keep a close watch on when she gets up, as that will generally mean that she is either hungry or has soiled her diapers and needs a clean one.
  • Pay attention at her behaviour in order to understand her requirements at any given point of time. In the very beginning it is not necessary that she will cry instantly to let you know that she is uncomfortable in anyway. Remember, tear ducts do not develop until three weeks post birth.
  • Till then in all probability she will be shrieking without tears in order to explain to you her troubles. This you must keep a close watch on as the first few weeks are crucial and it is during this time only that the child begins to adapt herself to her new surroundings.