Hiccups in Babies: How to Stop?

Hiccups in Babies: How to Stop?
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Hiccups in babies are quite common and your little one is no different. But you would be surprised to know that hiccups that bother adults like us like anything, don't really disturb babies at all. Yes, your baby can actually sleep and breathe without even a little disturbance even if he's having hiccups. However, if your baby has hiccups constantly for a longer period than usual, the tricks below can help you stop them:

Know the root cause of hiccups in your baby

-It is generally gas that causes your newborn baby to hiccup and hence, it is a good idea for you to stop feeding him for a while and take a break. Try to burp your baby as this will help the little one get rid of excess gas, which in turn is likely to stop his continuous hiccups.

Gripe Water: Works well for getting rid of hiccups in babies

-Give your baby gripe water, which is a solution popular for getting rid of gas and colic in babies.

Distract your baby using a pacifier

-Give your child a pacifier that can keep him distracted, as distraction works wonders in curing hiccups in not just babies but adults as well.

Avoid getting panicky

-Don't panic and give it some time. In most cases, your baby's hiccups will run its course and stop on their own.

However, as your little one grows, the hiccups can be quite bothersome and in those cases, it's advisable for him to drink loads of water for the hiccups to subside and another way is eating a spoonful of sugar to get rid of them.