Quick Tips To Get Rid Of Your Baby's Fears

Quick Tips To Get Rid Of Your Baby's Fears
9m to 1y

As your child keeps growing, his senses, awareness, and knowledge of things around him increase. At this point, any unknown, new, or foreign object can induce a sense of fear in him. This can be so with new people as well. Make sure to help him get over his fears by following a few simple tricks mentioned below:

1. Do not be too loud around your child. This can startle him very easily as it would be quite disturbing for him. Any loud noise, like the calling bell, alarm going off, pressure cooker, TV, etc. can really scare him. Try as much as possible to keep the noise down around him.

2. Do not scare your child or let anyone else scare him just for the fun of it. This can leave a huge impression on his mind and not a good one at that. A negative incident will be remembered by him for a much longer duration than a positive one.

3. Take your child's fears into consideration. Fear is a real emotion and it may look very impractical for you as you know better. But since your child truly believes that there are monsters under his bed, you might as well shine a torch light to tell him that there are no monsters. This will make him feel a lot safer.

4. Do not ever tell him that his fears are pointless. Always show him practically that there is nothing to be afraid of rather than just telling him so.

5. Hug him plenty. This is a way of making your child feel really secure. Let him know that you are always there for him.