Quick Tips To Spot If Your Baby Has A Cold

Quick Tips To Spot If Your Baby Has A Cold
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Newborns like your little one are more susceptible to viral infections, which causes cold. Babies are born with little immunity, which is enhanced by breastfeeding, but even then they are not completely protected from viral infections. Though common cold in newborn is not dangerous but it can lead to pneumonia if not treated on time. While babies sneeze often to clear their noses, there are symptoms that can help you identify whether your baby really has a cold or not. These are:

1. A nasal congestion or runny nose may be your first clue that your newborn has caught cold. The mucus coming out of nose is thin and clear, but turn thicker and yellowish in colour after few days. Consult doctor before the condition gets worse.

2. The sudden wheezing sound due to blocked nose of your baby is another sign of virus infection in your baby. Your baby will have trouble breathing as well.

3. If your child suffers from sudden loss of appetite or difficulty in feeding or taking bottle, he might have caught cold. It should be treated immediately. Don’t stop breastfeeding, try often, to strengthen his immunity.

4. Your baby is fussy and crying a lot and also pulling his ears and showing signs of discomfort. Your baby's temperature is higher than 100.4 F. He is more sleepy than usual but not able to sleep. If these are the symptoms, consult your doctor on immediate basis.

5. Do not give any medicine to treat your baby’s cold on your own. Help him with age-appropriate home remedies like, massaging on chest through sesame or mustard oil, carom seed potli and others.