Quick Tips To Take Care Of Your Premature Baby!

Quick Tips To Take Care Of Your Premature Baby!
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  • If you had a premature delivery, your baby is likely to be vulnerable to infections at this point, so try and keep your baby well away from people with cold or infections. Wash your hands regularly to stop the infection from spreading and also ask your friends and family to do the same. Always keep her toys clean and always keep the temperature of the room warm. 
  • A premature baby has left the warmth and protection of the womb before she was completely ready. As a result of which her body is under developed, prone to infections and effects of weather changes. It is imperative that the baby be kept under extreme care and protection.
  • You as a parent must always be conscious of the fact that the baby is still underdeveloped as it came out before time. You must at all times maintain cleanliness around the baby and ensure that those who come to visit the baby are either kept away from the baby or are allowed entry only when they are absolutely clean.
  • The toys and everything else that stays around the baby must be cleaned with kid friendly disinfectants and the temperature of the room in which the baby stays must be warmer to imitate the temperature of the womb so as to provide it with the requisite warmth required for its steady physical development.