Reacting To Your Baby's Cry

Reacting To Your Baby's Cry
10m to 1y
  • Reacting to your baby's cry is entirely your discretion. No one better than you knows or understands what your little one is trying to say. However, it is always good to analyze your baby's cry before you jump into action. It gives you a better understanding in every sense.
  • By now , you have a good sense of  your baby’s crying patterns in different situations. It could be hunger, a wet diaper, pain, separation anxiety, darkness, tiredness, etc. 
  • Once you have identified the discomfort, comfort your child immediately. Once the basic needs of the child are met, she will be happy and calm again. However, if she is unwell and your remedies are not getting her crying to stop, take her to the paediatrician. 
  • When it comes to sleeping, some babies can’t fall asleep without crying. In few minutes the crying stops as she is tired and will fall asleep. You can gently pat your baby during that time. 
  • Most important thing is to remain relaxed and calm. It is difficult but panicking will worsen the situation as your baby senses the tension around and that can aggravate the problem further. Please remember you are doing your best in taking care of your baby and never take her crying personally.