Read Aloud With Animated Expressions And Funny Sounds

Read Aloud With Animated Expressions And Funny Sounds

Your baby’s perception of the world around him will be purely based on sound and vision. He will immediately connect with all the sounds he is able to hear as well as respond to them too. Using animated sounds and voices around your baby will have a lot of advantages. Here are a few.

1. Make sure to include funny noises and animated sounds as you have conversations with him. Modulate your voice in a way that your baby focuses on you as you speak.

2. Using sounds and voices will keep your baby’s hearing abilities on check. Make sure when you produce a sound, it is not too loud or harsh because your baby’s hearing at this age is extremely sensitive. You do not want to startle and upset him.

3. Use sounds of real objects as examples during conversations with your baby. This will help him associate the object with the sound, helping him with the development of active memory.

4. Animate the sounds of real objects. Make noises of a car, a bike, of animals and even birds. This will help him form better associations, as he gets to hear them quite a lot.

5. Use rhymes and songs to help you with this aspect. Songs play a vital role in learning and development of your baby. He will get introduced to various instrumental sounds, words, and animated sounds by means on rhymes. The catchy rhythm is an added bonus!

6. Use sound to test his hearing. Play a sound from a distance and see whether he is able to look at the direction from which the sound is being made.