Read Colorful Board Books Aloud

Read Colorful Board Books Aloud

At this age, it is important for you to keep tabs on how well your child is able to pick up on sounds and is able to respond to them. A very good way of doing so is trying out board books. This also helps with keeping up a constant stream of talk, thereby allowing your child to get used to a bunch of different sounds.

1. Get a board book that has an amazing array of colorful pictures to stimulate your little one's vision. You can also get one that has sounds to accompany the pictures so your child will be able to form early associations with the sound and the image.

2. Always remember to enunciate if you are reading out something from the boiard book, along with playing the actual sound. This will help your child register the sound in a much better manner and will also help her form associations in a better way.

3. Use hand gestures as you are describing the characters to your little one as this not only helps with engaging your baby, but also understanding whether her vision and her hearing abilities are going strong. The actions also help form better understanding of the sounds.

4. Keep in your mind that your baby is still very young to devote all of her focus during story time because of her short attention span. Do not worry if she does not respond during the first attempt. It will take a while for her to get used to the same.