Rejoicing Baby's Head Movement, With Care

Rejoicing Baby's Head Movement, With Care
Gross motor
  • This is quite a moment for you as your little one can now hold his head high, literally. But this phase comes with some very important responsibilities as well. Make sure your baby is never left unattended for long. Also, never forcefully move his head. It happens naturally as a part of his growth and development process, so let it be natural all along. 
  • When your little one showcases signs of active head movement, be joyous and happy. Check if your cutie pie can hold up his head on his own. This is the initial step when your little one enters his phase towards gross motor skills.
  • Always try to cover your baby’s bed with pillows on the edges. Moreover, be there to keep a check on his movements because at this stage, babies try to move their head vigorously in all directions.
  • As parents, you can polish your baby’s skill by calling out from different spots in the room as he lays on the bed. Wait for your little one to look in the direction from which the voice was made. This also indicates positive sensory development in your child, since it hones his hearing skills.