Respect Your Baby's Developing Personality

Respect Your Baby's Developing Personality
  • As your child is growing, your child is developing his own personality. You will get to observe many of the personality traits in different scenarios. For instance, he may like to play on his own, be very active, and do a lot more other stuff from time to time.
  • Its important to value his budding personality. As you talk to him, use language that imparts the message, “You are special” or “You built a tower! Wow!” In short, something that is encouraging and motivates him instead of making him feel low. He may not understand the language but the positivity in your tone and facial expressions will raise his self-esteem immensely. 
  • There will be times, when he may not cooperate or adapt to a new situation. For instance, if he refuses to share his toys, don’t force him. Try encouraging and model sharing. In such situations, keeping in mind your child’s temperament, you need to fit in your parenting style. Please remember each child is unique and allow his personality to blossom naturally.