Safety Trick When Giving Your Kiddo Tricky Toys

Safety Trick When Giving Your Kiddo Tricky Toys
8m to 11m
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Right now your little angel is at an inquisitive age where he loves to investigate different playthings and figure out everything about them, including feel, sound, touch, and taste. Get a variety of toys but do keep safety in mind always.

Babies love making sounds, so you can get a good quality toy drum set. Cheap plastic sets often have toxic chemicals and paints which can harm your baby if he puts them in his mouth. If providing sticks or spoons to the little one, make sure these have no pointy ends or sharp edges where your baby can hurt himself.

When buying toys, keep in mind that your kid will definitely be putting them in his mouth at some point, so keep an eye out for paint that could peel off, small parts that could prove to be choking hazards, and inferior quality paint, like lead paint, which could be toxic.