Set An Example Of Good Behavior

Set An Example Of Good Behavior
  • Encouraging your little one to help you is not only a fun activity for your child; it is the process of gradually building up a sense of responsibility and a helping attitude. Remind yourself and other family members to set a good example for your little learner through your behaviour and interactions.
  • Your baby does not understand what good, bad, right, wrong words mean. The only way he gets the sense of what behaviour is expected of him is by listening to the tone of your voice and modelling the right behaviour. 
  • Never label your child as wrong, bad boy, etc. that too at this stage when he is so small. On the contrary, tell him firmly “We don’t throw books or toys.” Through reinforcement and the tone in your voice, he gets the message about the right conduct and also learns language.
  • You can expect the desirable behaviour well in advance by structuring his environment to meet your standards. For instance, now your child is learning to walk. Keep breakable items, medicines, etc. out of his reach. This way you have taken precautions and won’t encounter situations where he breaks them and you need to discipline him. 
  • Reserve “No” for dangerous situations. Let your language have positive words with your tone being firm.