Set Some Time Aside Daily For Music And Play

Set Some Time Aside Daily For Music And Play
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Set aside a portion of every day for playtime for your little one. Vary the type of play and toys from time to time to give your little one variety. Engage your baby in music and see if they have any affinity to a particular type of music. This will help you soothe them when they are cranky or irritable. 

Babies often have a taste for music even in their infancy. You as a parent will realise that your child reacts a certain way towards some music and differently towards others. Introducing good music to your babies at an early age can help develop their creative faculty as well as cognitive faculty.

Learning to differentiate between sounds and beats is an interesting exercise to help develop the basic hearing and learning capacities of kids. You will also figure out which songs soothe them and which agitate them. This way you can use music to control their agitated mood when nothing else seems to work. Perhaps this is why lullabies are such a promising way of putting infants to sleep. Infants understand music from a very early stage. When sung by the parents, it helps in parent-child bonding too.