Sing, Read And Talk To Your Baby As Much As You Can

Sing, Read And Talk To Your Baby As Much As You Can
Language & Communication

Constant conversation, story-telling sessions, singing and reading to your baby will help them develop their speech skills faster. Get colorful board story books that you can read aloud to your baby while your baby enjoys the pictures. Point to an object and say its name clearly to your little one. Research says that kids understand tones and rhythms faster than spoken words. When your infant is on a growing spree, introduce her to sounds of pleasant music. Talk to your baby in a soothing voice.

The more you repeat a word in front of your baby, the sooner your little one is likely to pick it up. Using clear voice will encourage your baby to speak clearly instead of lisping it. Story sessions are a great way to educate, distract and make your child learn new words and sounds. Be as animated as possible while narrating a story and your child will respond with a quicker understanding of things.