Sleep Cues That Indicate Your Baby Wants To Sleep

Sleep Cues That Indicate Your Baby Wants To Sleep
Baby Care

Your nine month old frequently gives out signs, or cues that she’s sleepy. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Whining or crying softly: Your little one would start whining or crying, making soft sounds when she feels sleepy or needs rest.

2. Rubbing her eyes: Your angel might also rub her eyes with her fists to indicate that she wants to sleep.

3. Jerky movements: Your baby would move her limbs and body to make jerky movements when she feels exhausted and sleepy.

4. Becomes clingy: Clinging to you is another sleep cue of your little one. She may also protest when you try to get her down.

5. Yawning: Yawning is a tiny gesture that your small wonder uses to express her exhaustion.

6. Becomes silent despite the hustle-bustle: If there's a lot of things going in front of your child, yet she looks too silent, consider it as a cue that she is sleepy.

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