Sometimes The Correct Pose Makes All The Difference!

Sometimes The Correct Pose Makes All The Difference!
9m to 1y
Health & Hygiene

As your child will almost become a year old, it’s time to start toilet training. Practicing correct pose will help him in bowel movement. There are certain techniques, which you can use during your baby’s first year of life for better bowel movement.

1. Make your child lie on his back and move his leg in cycling motion. Practice this particular task every day at a particular time. Also, while doing this, use a particular phrase to make him understand the purpose of play he is participating in, with his mother.

2. Make your child lie on his back again and take some baby massage oil. Rub your hands with oil in such a way so that your hands become warm. Then gently massage your baby’s abdomen in a circular motion slowly. Press your warm hand in his lower abdomen and make a circular motion around his naval area. Continue doing this for at least 5 minutes.

3. Lay your baby on his back. Gently press on the bottoms of his both feet and ease his knees and try to touch his feet toward his chest. Allow your baby to accept the movement. Hold for just a breath or two. Then release and do it again for four to five times.

4. Beside doing all these, healthy food habit along with adequate amount of water consumption also help babies in their bowel movement. This is important to note that never use a rectal suppository to your baby without the advice of your doctor.