Spotting Growth Spurts In Your Almost 1 Year Old Baby

Spotting Growth Spurts In Your Almost 1 Year Old Baby
11m to 1y
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Your little one's growth spurt takes place without you knowing or noticing it , and if he is eating very well and reaching all his milestones then it is obvious that he has achieved his first spurt in 1 year. Your little one will have 5 growth spurts in his first year. By the time he is 1 year old, he will triple his weight and will grow 8-10 inches since his birth. During each spurt, your child will be more healthy in-terms of his weight, length and most importantly the size of his head. During the first year, his head will grow the maximum.

Growing spurts can happen anytime but most likely it happens when he is at 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and then again in 6 months. Your child will now be more hungry, you have to feed him every three hours. His sleep cycle will also be highly affected as he requires more numbers of feed from you.  Now, he can be a little cranky as well due to the high requirements of food and you unable to produce such amount of milk will make him even more irritable. This growth spurt can be really hard on both - you and your child but, this too shall pass.