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Start Getting Your Baby Accustomed To Unfamiliar Faces

Start Getting Your Baby Accustomed To Unfamiliar Faces
6 to 12 months tip

Till now, you and your close family have been your baby’s world. However now she is old enough to start getting introduced to new faces and voices. You need to take it slow at this stage. Start off by bringing in the new person into the room slowly, and take your baby in your arms.

Let your child watch you interact warmly with any new person. This will reassure your child that the person is close to Mom, making them more acceptable to your baby. If she reacts well, let the new person take her in her arms.

Soothe your baby if she starts to cry in other people’s arms. Tell her that it’s okay and make her understand that the person is a friend or a relative. If she is still crying, take her back, but make her continue to interact with the person, for example shaking her hand, waving goodbye, etc.