Swaddle Your Child For Better Sleep

Swaddle Your Child For Better Sleep
2m to 5m

Your little one at this stage is quite far from being able to sleep on his own. But there's nothing to worry, as you can take care of that for some time now, especially with swaddling as the key! Swaddling is a soothing technique which comforts your child in the initial months after his birth till about 4-5 months old. As he begins to roll, he will be able to break free the saddle and that’s an indication to stop swaddling the baby. 

Research suggests that swaddling a child replicates the feeling of security of the mother’s womb, which may provide a more relaxed sleep experience.

So, try this on a regular basis till you are sure that your baby doesn't need swaddling anymore and then you can upgrade your techniques for making your baby sleep to other alternatives like, setting up a bedtime routine for the little one, etc.