Tackling Separation Anxiety Of Your Little One

Tackling Separation Anxiety Of Your Little One

It is natural for your baby at this stage to experience some separation anxiety, which means, the fear of being separated from you even if it is for a brief time.

Leave someone trusted in your place. She may start whimpering and wailing the minute you move out of her sight and you may feel like reassuring her immediately. Avoid this immediate gratification and let a trusted friend or a family member take care of her instead. Your return will strengthen your child’s belief that by crying, they can bring you back. This will only lead to a compulsive behaviour and not actual crying. 

Try to get them engaged in an activity or play so that they do not miss out too badly in your absence. Gradually, kids tend to adjust to this change.

Begin with short durations and graduate to longer ones. Make sure that she is well fed. Slowly develop a schedule and commence leaving her alone at specific times. This will lead to a habit in your child’s mind and it will become more convenient for her to understand that it is time for you to leave. Leave them with their favourite toys and books so that they can find something to engage in while they see you leave. It makes the process easier for them. It also helps to talk to your kid about your absence and making yourself available right after your return.

Before you leave, reassure her that you’ll be back and part with a kiss. At the time of parting, stay firm and do not keep coming back; this will make it harder for both of you.