Teach Through Repetition And Reinforcement

Teach Through Repetition And Reinforcement
  • Do not get frustrated if your baby does not follow your teaching or instructions right away. These are completely new things for them, so it will take time to sink in. Constantly repeat the concepts that you’ve been teaching your baby, only then will they remember them.
  • Your baby learns a lot by doing things repeatedly and what facilitates this process is creating consistent routines. By setting time to play, time for a nap, time to take bath, etc., your cutiepie learns what will happen next and this provides him a great sense of security and emotional stability. With a predictable routine, discipline becomes easy. Your little one exhibits better self -control. 
  • For instance, by telling its bedtime, he senses its time to sleep. 
  • Through repetition, your child is also learning language. For instance, you may be singing the nursery rhyme, “Wheels on the bus…” the nth time” but for your child it supports learning and development.  
  • Reinforcement also teaches your child the right behaviour in social situations. For instance, he may dislike another child even touching his toys.  Sharing and taking turns are meaningless terms for him right now. You can handle the situation by saying, “Yes Dear, It is your toy. He is only looking at it. He will not take it home.” Join in to show him how all of you can play. Reassurances will lead to the desired behaviour from your child.