Teach Your Baby Head Control

Teach Your Baby Head Control
Muscle Strength

It is important to help your baby learn head control so that they can roll, crawl and stand in succession. If your baby is not premature and born normally, you can prop up your baby in a sitting position in your lap and offer pillows for support if needed. During the initial months, the infant is still gaining control of her own body and thus a bobble head is a natural tendency.

After about six months you can try seating her on your lap holding her under her arms while she learns to balance her head to try and look at you straight. By this time she is well acquainted with most of her body and movements. Sitting on your lap with just enough support will help her try and balance her head straight. In the beginning, if you are apprehensive of her capacity to balance on her own, you can always prop her against a soft pillow while you sit in front of her, as the general tendency of the head is to go backwards. Gradually she will learn to hold it straight on her own.