The Attachment To A Comfort Object Should Not Turn Into An Obsession

The Attachment To A Comfort Object Should Not Turn Into An Obsession

It is quite common for your child to self soothe using an object, like a favorite toy or a blanket at difficult times. It is fantastic that he is able to cope with the situation, but know that it can turn into a serious obsession. Your child may want to use the same mechanism to soothe himself all the time and it may become difficult to break the habit.

1. Observe your child especially when he is upset about something. Keep a close eye on what he turns to when he is crying or when he might be scared.

2. Do not take away the object of comfort forcefully or abruptly at any point as this may leave a negative impression on his fragile mind.

3. Break the habit slowly and steadily, by understanding the cause of his discomfort. As the frequency of occurance of the situation that creates discomfort for your child is minimized, it becomes easier to seperate him from his object of comfort.

4. Using methods to distract your child always helps. A loud, not so scary noise, music, television, or a different toy generally help your child to move away from his comfort object for a short duration at first. This can be cultivated in the long run.

5. A change in the environment is always beneficial to refresh your child's mind. Take your child for a walk to the park or to a supermarket to buy groceries. Let him explore new surroundings. This will help him forget all about the comfort object, which can slowly be phased out from becoming an irrational obsession.