The Best Ways To Communicate With Your Baby Without Words

The Best Ways To Communicate With Your Baby Without Words
6m to 9m
  • Since your baby has not yet learnt language and the meaning of words, it is your tone of voice and the expression on your face that needs to be the primary mode of communication with your little one. While admonishing or forbidding something, do not smile as you could confuse your baby. Make your voice a little stern as well. Soon your little one will learn to read and recognize your non-verbal cues. 
  • Before the infants develop the power of speech, they function from the faculty of sound and visuals. That is how they start communicating with their parents. Just like their laughter and their tears are a way of explaining that they are hungry or have just soiled their diapers, similarly your expressions and the sound of your voice is what helps them decode your messages. So if you smile at them and talk in a sing song manner they will interpret it as a good mood and if you frown or use harsher sounds they will interpret it as anger.
  • Use this brilliant cognitive gift of the infants to make them recognize some basic things by the help of the sound of your voice. Use modulation in your tone to make them understand the difference between your various moods. You will be surprised how quickly your little one masters this non-verbal form of communication.