The Cry Alarm

The Cry Alarm
Baby Care

Some babies cry a lot often in the early weeks and in all possibilities, your baby is likely to be the same. Crying is the only way of expressing that he needs help. Many times it becomes quite challenging for the new moms to figure out the reasons of their babies' cries. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Hunger: It is not necessary that your baby cries every time due to hunger, but chances are likely if it's his time of feed and hence, he is crying to express his need for milk.

2. Discomfort: A small kind of discomfort like cold, hot, windy, irritates your baby and he signals you with his weeping alarm. Make sure of the discomfort causing your baby to cry and soothe him.

3. Nappy change: The nappy may be wet or soiled which requires to be changed.

4. Overtired: Too much has happened in the day and your baby is totally exhausted.

5. Colic: Many babies cry a lot in the late evenings or at night, which is called as colic, yet to reason out why babies cry like this.

6. Reflux: Sometimes your baby seems to be in pain due to reflux.

7. Illness: If your baby is crying a lot and you couldn’t stop them crying then check with your paediatrician immediately.

8. Cuddling: Sometimes your baby needs to be held and cuddled. This they through their cry alarm. They want physical touch and reassurance to comfort them.

9. Gassy or tummy troubles: Some kind of discomfort due to gas, acid food allergy, or needs to burp after feeding, which induces pain and makes your baby cry.

10. Sleepiness: At night, your baby may find it hard to sleep, especially when he is overtired, or there's overstimulation from noise or activity.