The Many Benefits Of Hugging Your Baby

The Many Benefits Of Hugging Your Baby
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Health & Wellness

Research has said that the more often you hug your little bundle of joy, the more health benefits he will have. 

1. It will make the little one sleep better

The moment you snuggle your baby close to your chest, it has a therapeutic effect on him as a result of which he becomes calm and thus gets to sleep well without any discomfort.

2. It will boost your little one's immunity

Doctors say that when you closely hug your baby so that your hearts are pressed against each other, there's a boost in the white blood cells production in your baby's body as the thymus gland is stimulated and this boosts your little one's immunity.

3. It helps your child heal from diseases

This is a fact since hugging your baby close means skin to skin contact, and that helps in the release of oxytocin hormone, which can help your child heal and develop better. It is also a healing essence for new moms too, and that's precisely why experts say that a new mom can heal quickly from a childbirth, if she's left alone for some time with her baby close to her.

When your child grows older:

Even when your child grows older, you hugging him will cater to boosting his immunity, alongside improving the bonding between you both and enhance his confidence, and keep his surging emotions at bay, since skin to skin contact with you always soothes your child.