The Survival In The Habitat

The Survival In The Habitat
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Baby Care

Your newborn feels like being in an alien world once he is out of your womb to embrace the outer world. You need to make him comfortable in the environment till the time he becomes habitual to the new environment. It is not a difficult task to keep your newborn baby comfortable and at ease. Few things should be kept in mind for few days to let your baby grow happy and healthy.

1. Keep your newborn enveloped in a soft cloth or blanket as per the season. Covering him in a soft cloth or a blanket will give him a cozy feeling as it was in your womb. Keep your baby in the warmth of your arms and once he falls asleep, you can slip him in his bed.

2. When he cries, pick him in your arms and try to soothe him as he might be feeling uncomfortable in his bedding alone.

3. Give your baby all the comfort that he requires for few days till the time he gets accustomed to the outer world.

4. Do not take him out too often for almost a month as newborns have low immunity and there might be a chance of catching up infection from others.

5. Keep your newborn well fed and cozy as this will give him a happy environment and he will sleep peacefully as well.